The Government

The Republic of Silofais is a unitary semi-presidential constitutional state, which seat of government is currently located in the Kansas county of Johnson. The Constitution stipulates a national government comprised of four branches, and current statute establishes a local-oriented class of subnational body called cities.

The President

The current President is Horatio E., elected at the Ratification Convention held on June 3rd, 2017. His term expires on September 20th, 2020.

Other members of the Council of State are…

  • Chief Secretary, Andrew “Jack” B.
  • Secretary of Registry, Michael L.
  • Secretary of Culture, Bharadwaj T.
  • Secretary of Treasury, Tim K.

The Legislature

As the Senate is in abeyance, the National Assembly is active only in the Chamber of Delegates.

Currently there are nine Delegates elected among three electoral districts: South Kansas City (SKC), Western Plains (WSP), and Eurwest (EUW). To wit:

  • Spencer K., SKC, Speaker
  • Sara K., SKC
  • Cody M., SKC, Speaker Pro Tempore
  • Caleb F., WSP
  • Zach F., WSP
  • Ryan V., WSP
  • Roberto B., EUW
  • Mark K., EUW
  • David R., EUW

Some were elected at the Ratification Convention held on June 3rd, 2017; others have been elected at subsequent special elections. In any case, their terms all expire on September 3rd, 2020.

The Executive

The Chief Secretary, who leads the Cabinet, is currently Andrew “Jack” B.

The Cabinet is currently comprised by three Departments: Registry, Culture, and Treasury. To wit:

  • Secretary of Registry, Michael L.
    • Registrar of Law, Vacant
    • Director of Annals, Mark A.
    • Clerk of Franchise, Vacant
    • Director of Demography, Vacant
  • Secretary of Culture, Bharadwaj T.
  • Secretary of Treausry, Tim K.

Their terms are indefinite, expiring upon…

  1. Removal by the President, only on the Chief Secretary’s recommendation,
  2. Self-resignation,
  3. Resignation of the Chief Secretary, or
  4. The formal loss of the Delegates’ confidence.

The Judiciary

Of the whole Judiciary, there are currently only two bodies, both Courts. Their judges are / have been appointed for life de facto, but will retire at age 75.

Per the Constitution, the Supreme Court…

  • Chief Justice, Mark A.
  • Justice, Tim K.
  • Justice, Michael L.

Per statute, the Superior Court…

  • Judge, Bharadwaj T.


No cities currently founded.