The Third Republic of Silofais

Tantum Conjuncti Floremus / “Only Together We Flourish”

Silofais (or Silōfais in the Silōs language) is a micronational republic belonging not to any one person but to all Citizens collectively.

We are united by common goals, namely to:

  • Realize a nation which represents its Citizenry fairly and accurately;
  • Undertake and codify the Law through an active and responsible Government;
  • Promote the Silōs language;
  • Express ourselves artistically, intellectually, and otherwise creatively; and
  • Safeguard our unique culture.

We recognize the Equality of Man, as well as the natural and inalienable Rights endowed by our very Nature.

We accept as a Citizen any person who shares our Values, and who wishes either to participate in our Government, or to defend its Power to make and defend our Laws.

We welcome you to Silofais and hope to make your acquaintance soon.



That those who do speak Silōs or Latina Cemellāna, or who be the friends thereof, may become united for their mutual benefit and against their common enemies;

That their nation may become a state, whereby they retain their inherent independence and enjoy the benefits and the aid of Citizenship;

That their state may become recognized, respected, and trusted among the other nations in the effluxion of politics, economics, and art; and

That those Citizens may maintain the general welfare and the principles of justice, and may protect for themselves their inherent Rights, Processes, and Freedoms:

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT KNOWN THAT WE, the undersigned representatives, do ordain and establish for the nation of Silōfais this Constitution, wherein the value of Sovereignty, the foundation of Law, and the preservation of Tranquility are laid down and become a binding force upon all Citizens thereof.